Do Brides Need Multiple Pairs of Wedding Shoes?

Do Brides Need Multiple Pairs of Wedding Shoes?

If you have ever been the bride, or even in a bridal party, then you likely know the debacle that goes along with wedding shoes. There is always the question of which wedding heels to wear, how large of heels, when would flats be better, and the list goes on! Instead of making a choice of which wedding shoes to have by your side the entire day and night, consider bringing a couple, or even a few, pairs of wedding shoes instead!

The Perfect Time for Wedding Heels

When the ceremony is going on, wedding heels are perfect. It makes the bride look better, the dress flow better; it just completes the look. Even when announcing the bride and groom at the reception, it’s a great choice, but it isn’t always necessary. Having a pair of wedding heels for the ceremony, pictures, and announcement is great, but having something more comfortable after is even better.

Wedding Shoes Don’t Always Have to Be Heels

One of the more common trends among wedding shoes over recent years is allowing the bride and the rest of the party to wear slightly more comfortable shoes than wedding heels. Some wedding parties are choosing flats, while others are picking out matching wedding sneakers for everyone to wear. Imagine the bliss of your toes after a full day and night in wedding sneakers as opposed to sky-high heels that pinch your toes with each dance. And for those who think that they can just take their wedding shoes off and dance like that, have you ever had your pinky toe stepped on while on the dance floor? OUCH!

Don’t make your wedding day revolve around your feet. Be comfortable, so you don’t think back to that day and immediately reminisce about wearing awful wedding shoes. Pick something that allows you to be comfy, and still look stylish. That’s the most important part of the choice!

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