If you’re trying to make a living as a full time freelance writer, you can become overwhelmed quite easily by all the different activities you must do each day in addition to writing. A big part of each workday should be spent searching for NEW assignments as well as promoting yourself and your writing services.

So how do you do all this AND work on current assignments, too, without getting stressed out and frazzled?

Well, first, you learn to develop a weekly marketing plan that creates a balance of writing, promoting, and searching for jobs.

As a beginning freelancer, you’ll probably find that creating and following a weekly marketing plan will almost immediately boost your writing career to a new, higher level. Generally, though, until you get used to working with a marketing plan, you’ll need to have more experienced freelance writers, or a coach, review your plan with you each week. It’s sometimes difficult to recognize areas where you’re overloading yourself or areas where you could possibly make minor changes to your life and get more accomplished.

Next, you need to learn how to break down each writing assignment into small bits that can be easily completed. A good writing program or a writing coach will be able to help you learn how to structure your work in a way that allows you to complete each assignment piece by piece so you won’t feel overwhelmed.

It’s also good to have a writing buddy, particularly if you’re working without a coach or you are not a member of a writer’s group or a coaching club. You and your buddy can hold each other accountable for the work each of you plans to get done each day.

Follow these tips and you’ll soon develop a manageable and enjoyable work schedule for your writing career.

Source by Suzanne Lieurance