Knowing exactly how a freelancer works and once you have decided to get started, you are to face the usual struggles that a common freelancer encounters. For example, looking for more projects to line-up to make sure there is enough in your account for the rent and state taxes.

At first it would be very stressful and emotionally draining and there are times problematic clients don’t get you paid. To strengthen your foundation as a freelancer you might learn from the following tips:

Be polite always: Don’t be rude, always say thank you for the work given to you. Being polite is contagious and will take you far. Clients who are straight out rude at the beginning may learn their mistakes and would get to be polite likewise.

Don’t nourish loneliness around: While you work alone for long hours your tendency is to feel that your work is a very lonely career. Try to go out once in a while to be with friends and associates who would enhance and help in building up your career.

Take everything in stride: Criticisms from all around you, problem employers and jobs rejected should not be taken personally. Instead allow those things to serve as instruments for growth, development and success.

Remember that you are your own boss: At times customers or clients become so unrealistic dumping loads of tasks and want the work done with so limited time. Render the nicest service you can give and make it the last project from that client, it’s that simple.

Be frank enough to demand for a higher fee: This is applicable especially for freelancers who have been working for one client for a long period doing one project after another. After all, a client won’t re-hire you if you’re not good enough, so asking for a raise is simply fair. Make it a point that if you asked for a raise you always have nothing but the best to offer to your clients.

Grow every day, never stop digging: Most freelancers’ secret of success is their never ending quest for knowledge and for new ideas. Explore the places (sites) where your skills would be given recognition. There are sites that provide recommendations in different areas for freelancers.

Be aware, there will be distractions of all sorts: Everybody knows you manage your own time. For all you know somebody or something might be eating up most of it. Video games, cable networks or noise of all kinds are only some disadvantages of working from home.

It is very exciting to plunge and get started full-time but organizing a test or trial period is helpful. Some good advice for those wanting to pursue a career on the field of freelance work, preparation and planning are the keys to a successful change. Social media sites like Twitter, StumbleUpon and Digg will also help with your promotion and job search. Take advantage of them.

At the end of the day you can decide about leaping into the expert’s zone, the do-it-all hemisphere, or in between the two. Either or both would provide good income and would make you a fulfilled freelancer. Which one would you go for?

Source by Ana Nevada