GV18 Aplus Review

GV18 Aplus Review

The GV18 Aplus smartwatch is a relatively new watch to the market. It offers many different features, allowing you to keep in touch with your friends, family, and business associates. This durable smartphone is getting some good reviews in general, although some are noting a few minor flaws as well. Here is an overview GV18 Aplus review.

The Features of the GV18 Aplus Smartwatch

This smartwatch allows you to message directly from your wrist, answer phone calls as they come in, dial out when you need to make a call, take pictures and videos as you see a need, and connect to your devices through Bluetooth connectivity. You will get a smartwatch that is less than 50g in total weight, allowing you to wear it with ease. There is also a soft wristband, making it comfortable to wear around during all of your daily activities. The watch is coated to help protect it from rain and sweat should you choose to use it during exercise.

The smartwatch also boasts an alarm you can use to get up, a calculator to keep tabs on your expenses, a calendar to keep yourself on track, and a microphone to allow you to record sound whenever you need to. You can also have your sleep monitored. This allows you to know if you have been tossing and turning, or if you had a solid night’s sleep. The steel pin that holds the watch to your wrist is also durable. This ensures the watch does not get lost and or fall off during your sleep or exercise routines.

The Flaws with the GV18 Aplus Smartwatch

According to many of the GV18 Aplus reviews, the battery life of the watch is quite short. Therefore, it requires a lot of recharging if you use all of the features. Also, the screen easily gets dusty, making it hard for people wearing it to see. The camera is another issue mentioned in the GV18 Aplus reviews, as it is relatively low in megapixels. If you do not plan to use the camera often, this should not be much of an issue.

Overall, the GV18 Aplus is average. It has a lot of the bells and whistles that people are looking for. The only drawback is it is not made of the highest quality materials possible. However, most of the people who have left GV18 Aplus reviews consider it a good buy for the price.

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