About Creative Lines Writing Studio

Where Experience and Creative Genius Intersect


Co-owner, writer, SEO specialist, WordPress designer
Created Creative Lines Writing Studio along with husband, Adam. Does the majority of writer communication, training, website design, and SEO work. Her focus is on remaining current with SEO practices, and putting those practices to good use for each client we work with.

  • SEO & Keyword Research
  • Writer Development
  • Adsense Writing


Co-owner, editor, client liason, marketing guru
Created Creative Lines Writing Studio along with wife, BreeAnn. Does the majority of client communication, editing, hiring new talent, and marketing projects. His focus is on quality control, and bringing innovative marketing ideas to life to put our clients on the map.

  • Marketing Ideas
  • Content & Website Analysis
  • Quality Control

Creative Lines Writing Studio is the culmination of many years of freelance writing experience for BreeAnn and Adam, and their specialized team of writers. What began as a passion for the written word has changed into a passion to provide exemplary services to anyone that could use our unique perspectives.


With nearly a century of combined writing experience, Creative Lines Writing Studio is able to provide a unique perspective and combination of experience and professionalism. We will provide each client the highest quality work possible, and will match the unique styles of each writer to the unique needs of each client’s project.

The Team at Creative Lines Writing Studio

Our team is made up of talented writers from all walks of life. Some writers are full-time writers with degrees in writing and journalism, while other writers are new to the fold. Some work full-time jobs outside of writing, and use that experience to help create the content, blogs, or articles asked of us. All of our writers are passionate about the written word and making sure that projects are completed in a timely, professional, and accurate fashion.

Deadline Oriented

We take deadlines very seriously, and work hard to meet every one of them we can. If we have run into a problem, we will promptly communicate the issue with our clients so the deadline can be readjusted to suit their needs.

Creative Thinkers

When we take on a project, we make sure to put the best writer on the job. We match up the creativity and experience of our writers, with the needs of our clients, to ensure both parties know what to expect.

Up-to-Date Skills

We are always striving to keep our skills current, and when possible, ahead of the curve. We want to be able to help our clients now, and provide information that will still be relevant in the future.

Consistent Communicators

Each project we accept we look over, ask questions on promptly, and ask for feedback on. That way, as our relationships with our clients grow, we can always be meeting and exceeding each client’s needs.

Let Us Help Inspire Your Creative Genius

If you are interested in working with our experienced team of professionals, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!