Online writing skills as a Freelance writer is a combination of art and science. It is an art because a writer wrists for the readers and makes it an art for them. It is a technical skill because the writer has to follow online writing techniques to be indexed by search engine listings.

Because it covers dual techniques to write online a Freelance writer have to be more attentive to write than an off line writer. It needs more discipline focus and attention. Whether you are writing articles or reports, press release or an eBook you need more attention and focus to write. Here are some of the tips to keep in mind for writing as a freelance writer:

1. Knowing yourself write on a certain time everyday. Do not write for a long time and tire yourself with writing so much that your mind and body does not allow you to write when you sit next time to write. Do not choose a time after doing everything else. At that time your are usually tired and want to relax. Choose a time when you are fresh and positive energy is flowing.

2. As a freelance writer, when you are working on a larger project like a book, plan a system for its writing time, give longer writing time to your day than usual as you need it to finish this long project your are doing. Keep other activities of life on a shorter version so you day is not over crowded. This way writing one hour longer than your usual time will not over tire you and your life will stay in order. Or schedule to write twice a day.

3. Since you are a freelance writer, it is a part of your life to write. Make it your ritual to write everyday. Try to write same time everyday so you are conditioned to do so naturally and do not ever get writers block. In case it is hard to write a good piece of work, write anything that is on your mind. This will warm up your mind for disciplined technical writing and you will come to the planned writing as scheduled by you.

4. As soon as your writing time is wrapped up do something that relaxes you and is fun to do. So you do not feel tired.

5. When you are planning for the writing time of the day, choose a time that is best for you to write, a very productive time and when your are feeling full of energy and ready to produce all the best words and thoughts to express your writing skills as a freelancer.

6. Share your freelance writing strategy with a friend who is a writer and understands what you are going through. This helps a lot to find solutions for the challenges that come in your way and you keep on going in your journey as a professional writer.

7. Plan a marketing strategy every week and work accordingly to get your economic goals with your freelancing. Make sure your plan is realistic and workable. Not too long hours everyday and not too short. Work on the money goals first and then other writing projects.

8. Between weekly plan, write your program of the next day before you wrap up the day. Next morning when you sit for writing your plan is ready and you do not have to waste time in thinking or opening your calendar
To see where to start from.

9. At the end of the writing day write what you have done and in case there is something that you did not make a note of it to be done the next day.
This is very important to continue your full projects as planned, prioritize your monetizing and traffic strategies.

10. When you start to write start with a prayer and power of intention that you may do your best to express yourself, you may finish your money projects as planned to create the income you wanted and that you may have a good writing session. You will be able to follow your intention and your
mind and body will help you to achieve this goal to be a super freelance writer.

Source by Fran Aslam