A great way to find freelance writing opportunities is with a letter of introduction (LOI) to a magazine editor or the owner of a small business who may need the services of a writer.

A letter of introduction (LOI) is simply a letter introducing yourself, your expertise and experience as a writer, and your writing ability.

A LOI should not be complicated or difficult to write. In fact, keep it simple and short – just a few paragraphs or a single page at most.

Here’s what to include in your LOI:

* A short description of who you are

* The type(s) of writing you do

* Names of the publications you’ve written for

* The types of work you’re available to do for the editor or the business owner you’re writing to

You can also include your professional resume (one for writing, not just a general resume) and some clips with your LOI, or your LOI can just include an offer to send these items if the editor or business owner is interested in seeing them.

If you decide to write a LOI to a magazine, try a trade magazine rather than one of the top glossy publications. You’ll have more luck getting an assignment this way. With the glossies, you’ll probably need to query with a great idea for an article. But sending a LOI to several trade publications is a great way to start building your writing business, earn some clips, and also some income.

Don’t expect to get a response to your LOIs right away. You might. But if you don’t, that doesn’t mean you won’t eventually hear from at least some of these editors or business owners. Usually you’ll only get a response if an editor or business owner needs your services at present. If he doesn’t, he’ll probably put your letter on file. But then if he does need your services, he’ll contact you asking if you’re still available for an assignment. This can happen months – even years – after you’ve sent your LOI. That’s why it’s good to get a dozen or so LOIs out there. At least a few editors or business owners might need your services right now. Others might contact you later, and some you’ll never hear from.

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Source by Suzanne Lieurance