is an article marketing website where freelance writer’s can earn some extra income. As a writer, you can post articles you have written and retain the rights to on the site, set your own price, and get paid via PayPal when it sells. There is no charge for listing your articles and they stay on the site until they sell or you remove them.

This is a really great way for a writer to earn some money on pieces he or she may have written for fun, for a client who didn’t pay, or even to re-purpose articles already printed. On top of this, buyers looking for specific content can place order requests. When a writer fills the request in the way the buyer likes, he or she will pay the agreed upon price. With so many ways for writers to earn, there is very little reason for a writer not to get signed up.

Signing up for Constant Content is easy and free. Once you have gotten an author account, you can submit your first article for review. Before doing this, make sure that is meets the technical standards and is free of grammar, structure, syntax, and spelling issues. Any article which hasn’t been polished to near perfection will be returned to you with a note telling you what needs to be changed. This process ensures that buyers on Constant Content are paying top dollar for top quality.

You can set you articles to sell for usage, unique and full rights. Usage rights mean that the buyer may use your article, but he must use all of it (including bylines if you have them) and cannot edit the article in any way or claim he wrote it. You can sell an article for usage rights to as many buyers as you’d like, and even publish it yourself. Unique rights are very similar to usage rights in that the buyer cannot edit them, but the buyer is the only one allowed to use the article. Once it sells, it is theirs and you can’t sell it again.

Finally, selling an article for full rights means the buyer may publish it wherever he or she wants, can edit it and even claim authorship. Once an article sells for full rights, it is no longer yours and you cannot claim it as such. This is why most writers set the full rights prices at an average rate of 4 – 6 cents per word.

Another thing to keep in mind when you use Constant Content is although listing your articles is always free, Constant Content does take 35% of the total selling price as their commission. To counteract this, decide how much you want to earn from the article under whatever rights labels you choose and then add an extra 35%.

Many freelance writers use Constant Content as a way to re-purpose their articles and sell them time and again for usage rights. Others earn their entire monthly income writing for requests on the site. Either way you choose, you should definitely get signed up for Constant Content and rev up your monthly income.

Source by Chrissy Dean