Where can you find out about freelance technical writing pay? Is there a place where you can go and find out where you stand? As with any field, pay is determined by several things, not just because you can do the work. Instead, it is about how you work, what type of work you do and how well you work with other people. It is often said that you can not get experience without experience. That is true when it comes to these jobs as well. But, if you want to know about technical writing pay, then look at the characteristics you possess first.

Here are some basic things to consider about yourself before you go looking for the pay that you believe you should get.

  • How experienced are you? Yes, we mentioned that sometimes it feels that you need experience to get it, but have you any employment in which your skills were utilized?
  • In your completed work what type of reference do you think your boss would give you? It does not even matter if this is something totally unrelated to your current employment position. Will your boss say that you were a hard worker, dependable, and honest? These qualities go a lot farther in some cases than your resume can.
  • What types of work have you done? Are you willing and able to write in other realms in order to get some experience?

There are many things that will determine the pay that you will receive. In many cases, vacancies are only filled by qualified individuals, but you can change this situation when you present yourself in a qualified manner. When you take a look at yourself to determine your worth, you will have a better understanding of what type of pay you should get.

Source by Niall Cinneide