One of the very first questions as a new freelance writer is how much money can I earn? Your income potential depends upon the skills you have accumulated, areas of expertise, business smarts, and the amount of time you spend writing. There are in general five tips to learn starting out that will lead to higher paying jobs.

1.) What is Your Passion? You must know what you are passionate about, what is your area of expertise. If you do travel a lot, look at travel publications. If you’re an animal lover, look for pet publications. You should find what your good at then go after those markets. So pick a niche become an expert at it and then target those markets.

2.) What Does Your Target Market Pay? Once you have a target market find what the highest paying business is. Put that on the top of your list accumulating ten at least and work down. Send in a query letter to see if they are accepting submissions. Send in your article if they are. If you get rejected then move on to the second one on the list. By starting with the highest paying market working down you eliminate working at the lowest fee if you start at the bottom.

3.) Write Quick without Distractions Turn off the TV, radio, iPhone, all distractions and get into your writing flow. Brainstorm five headlines for your title. Pick one, find a resource to draw from and then let your creative side of your brain create. Type as accurate as you can as fast as you can paying no attention to your mistakes. Your objectives are to get your creative brain flow down on Word Doc fast to stay with your train of thought. Then look to improve and correct later without interrupting your word flow. If you have five 500 hundred word articles to get done in a day this is the way to do it.

4.) How Much Time to Spend Writing? For example: If I am a new freelancer writing for $30 a 500 word article doing five articles a day you should be able to get five drafts done in five hours, one draft an hour. Grammar and spelling should take at most another hour and a half to finish for all five. Counting another hour for research on all five you are talking seven and a half hours total for the day with a potential to make $150 dollars. One hundred and fifty divided by eight hours = $18.75 an hour if you can do that every day. $150 X 5 days = $750 a week starting out. Not bad for a newbie. The more you improve you writing abilities the more you can charge per article and the less you will have to write per week.

5.) Learn to Write E-Books Writing E-Books is now back in vogue and the market is astounding. With new technology you can write an E-Book in as little as four days, put it on Amazon Kindle – ClickBank – Commission Junction, and sell it to the world. If you have seven or eight articles on your passion that haven’t sold tie them together in an E-Book and get them out there. E-Books can be sold over and over again for a small price to get started. You can publish them on your own thus saving publishing fees. If you can get 20 E-Books out there selling in cyberspace for an average of ten dollars profit selling one a day on three different sites what numbers do you come up with? It makes for a very good side income if you know what I mean.

Source by Gary Kent Boyd