Do you have trouble thinking up ideas for your freelance writing jobs? Here are 10 writing tips you can use to help get your creativity flowing:

1. Read industry publications and attend events.

2. Watch TV; listen to the radio; read the newspaper.

3. Participate in online groups.

4. Put keywords into search engines and view some websites in your area of interest.

5. Go to government websites and find public domain materials.

6. Read books and articles outside your area of expertise and interest.

7. Look at some books in the children’s section of the bookstore or library.

8. Brainstorm, using mind mapping, storyboarding, combining different ideas, etc.

9. Review your swipe files (collection of articles, samples, etc.).

10. Reuse your own freelance writing materials.

How many new ideas have you thought of? Which methods do you prefer to use? How do you leverage your ideas in your freelance writing career?

Use your ideas to suggest projects to your prospects and clients. Choose topics to write articles for trade journals and consumer magazines that will produce both income and publicity for you. Use these articles to promote yourself and establish you as an expert in your niche. Create a series of columns based on the ideas you’ve brainstormed. Maximize your writing ability to boost your freelance writing career. What about using one of your topic ideas to create a tip sheet? Tip sheets are great for getting you an appointment, as handouts for talks, to follow up with prospects, etc.

How many ways can you think of to use your topic ideas to generate more freelance writing assignments?

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