One of the reasons freelance writers are often paid so little for their work is because anyone and everyone can start a freelance writing business. No license or permit is necessary.

Anyone and everyone can set up a blog or website to start marketing their freelance writing services. No special training or education is required.

Yet, not just anyone and everyone can write well enough that they SHOULD be attempting to do this for a living.

If you’re an aspiring freelance writer, your blog or website is a direct advertisement for your writing services. But it’s also a SAMPLE of your writing ability.

What is the content on your site(s) saying about you and your ability?

Is everything on your website or blog well written so it provides the reader with excellent examples of your writing style and technique?

Do you carefully edit and proof everything you post to your site, so there are no glaring typos or grammatical mistakes?

Do you strive for quality not quantity in your work? You may not post to your blog every single day, for example. But when you do post, is the content simple, concise, and easy to read and understand? Plus, does it LOOK as if it took you a little while to write it? Can the reader TELL that some effort went into crafting the post?

Today, take a careful, critical look at the content you are posting to your blog or website.

Make sure it is saying what you WANT it to say to your readers. Remember, they are also your potential clients!

Source by Suzanne Lieurance