If you're one of those writers who never sees to find any assignments on the online job boards, you're probably too picky OR you may just be looking at the wrong kinds of ads. Here's something to try that should help you land a job you can complete quickly to earn some fast cash.

Search for just one short assignment that pays at least $ 50 for something you would feel comfortable writing because you have the skills and knowledge to pull off the job. It does not have to be something you're passionate about writing. You just want a quick assignment. For example, if you're good at writing press releases or book or product reviews, or cover letters, or artist statements, look for ads for one of those assignments.

As soon as you see the ad, follow the application guidelines immediately.

If you get the assignment, do it right away and bill the client.

The point of this is to look for jobs that you can complete quickly and that are relatively easy so you can make some fast cash. But then you want to move on to another new client and another new project that you can complete quickly.

Skip over the ads that promise regular work – these are usually the ones that will gobble up your time for very little pay and you will not be able to do anything else. Also, skip over the ads for assignments that will take weeks to complete. You are not looking for a regular client at this point or a long-term assignment. You just want a short, easy assignment that will give you some quick cash.

Get in the habit of scanning a variety of online job boards like this on a regular basis and you'll soon be making some quick cash every week!

Try it!

Source by Suzanne Lieurance