Freelance writing is a great career. Having said that, not every individual can become a writer. As time is passing, the freelance content writing industry is witnessing cut throat competition with addition of expert writers. Either you are an experienced writer, or a newbie in the filed of blog posting, article writing and SEO copywriting, understanding some important topics would help you sustain competitive advantage over other. As a result, if you want to become a successful writer, then you need to avoid silly mistakes that can get you penalized in this field. Here are some of the most important tips I personally learned with my experience. I can guarantee that if you follow these, you can become a successful freelance writer:

1. Avoid unprofessional attitude – Irrespective of the field you are working in, always remember that clients look for your professional attitude before hiring you. As a freelance writer, your employers would look how professional your attitude is while communicating through phone, fax, email and instant messengers. Be specific to the point, and mention your expertise in the field your client has requested. Clients and prospective employers are already bundled up with huge volumes of work due to which they are unable to ponder over every query freelancers make. Yours should stand out as being to the point, concise, clear, short, and highly professional. Mention your rates, appropriate deadlines, and why client should hire you instead of others.

2. Do not miss deadlines – Deadlines are extremely important. Clients, especially from European regions are always logic driven. They look for the deadlines regarding your work. If you promised 7 business days for the work, then make sure that the client receives genuinely written, proofread, and high quality content within 7 days of your promised deadline. Failing to do so, could end your contract. In case if you feel that down the road you might need more time, inform in advance to the client and request for a few more days to finish the work. Your clients would respect your honesty and might offer you flexibility by awarding a few more days for submission.

3. Poorly written contract – Your contract is the indirect salesperson of your freelance writing career. Your professionalism also gets reflected by sending a well-defined, skillfully crafted terms of service to the client. Always discuss mode of payments, deliveries, submission deadlines and anything else in advance before you accept the contract so that the chances of failure are minimized. Do not rush to get the projects for sake of money. Invest your time and energy in creating a great contract that is attention-grabbing to your client.

4. Do not accept work that you cannot do in the end – This is a big problem, especially for newbies in the field of freelance content writing. I would recommend start your career by writing short, simple SEO articles instead of writing technical reports, whitepapers, and articles for magazines. The former takes less time while the latter takes a lot of time, effort, and research. Develop your experience by writing short articles first and then moving on to reports and case studies when you are sure that your skills are now up to the level of an expert writer.

5. Delivering poor content – Clients demand 100% unique, well-written content that is crisp, clear and easy to understand by laymen and professionals alike. Purchase a copyscape premium account and scan your articles before delivering to the client. Make sure to avoid plagiarism and write exactly the way your clients want. When done writing, always proofread your articles for grammar, spelling, and keyword count. If you lack writing skills, hire a native English speaking proofreader to proofread your work before submitting to your client. Make sure to write articles in subtopics, with bullet points to increase readability of your articles. This way your SEO articles would be interesting to be read by the general audience. Your article should have a proper structure and natural flow. Clients buy custom SEO articles that meet their demands and expectations.

I hope that the above skills would help you become a successful writer, or polish your existing freelance writing skills.

Source by M Yassir