Writing is something that many people do not like to do but those who are skilled at writing can earned a good living doing so. They can offer their writing for a wide variety of services that other will pay well for through freelance writing.

There are companies and individuals, both online and off, that are in need of writers. Although the best and most readily available source is going to be the internet. This is because the Internet is primary comprised of words. Weather it be website content or marketing materials, it all has to be written by someone. Becoming an online freelance writer is not a get rich quick scheme. It never make you rich at all. It can however make you a decent living if you do it right with hard word and patience. Building a freelance writing career is also building your own writing business and being your own boss. There are many websites available to help those who are interested in becoming a freelance writer then you will need to join one of the many freelance marketplace websites for writer. There are however some tips you can use to get yourself noticed. Those who hire writers from these sites base their decision on the following information:


For new original articles on these sites the going rate is from $5 to $8 per article and less for straight rewrites. Writing website copy will make more with some paying on a per hour base. When you are first starting out you may have to bid lower than you really fee you deserve in order to get a reputation. Over time you will be able to command more.


Writers with positive testimonials or feedback will have a much better chance of being hired. This does not mean if you have none you can not get a job because everyone starts out at zero. This just means that you may have to do a few jobs for much less then you want to get some good feedback. One option to utilize before you get feedback, if you have done work for other off of that site, is to create a personal website that include these client’s testimonials.

Sample Work

You do not have to include your complete body of work, but you will need samples of what you can do. If have not done any work yet then research and write a few articles on topics of your choice. Two of the most popular are going to be those that involve anything to do with health, beauty or travel. Be sure to take extra care when proofreading you work to present it in the best possible light.

Source by Chris De La Rosa