As a freelance writer, do you have problems landing new clients? Do you wish you could grow your client roster by 5, 10 or 15 more clients? You can! Following is how to use special reports to not only leapfrog right over the competition, but do it effortlessly as well.

What Kind of Special Report Should I Write?

Before we get into this, let me relay a little story I read years ago that made one woman extremely wealthy.

Barbara Corcoran, for those of you who don’t know, owned one of the largest real estate companies in New York City for years, The Corcoran Group. She sold it for $66 million dollars in 2001. She started the firm with a measly $1,000 in 1973.

Freelance Writers: The Power of Special Reports — From $1,000 to $66 million

So, how did she manage to grow The Corcoran Group from a one-person startup to selling it for $66 million? The surge began with the now infamous Corcoran Report.

To give a brief overview, Ms. Corcoran put together an industry report on real estate in New York City. She distributed it to the media and it began to be referred to in reporter stories. She also began to get calls for interviews based on her “expert” status in the real estate industry.

Pretty soon, her agency began to get mentioned all the time. With media coverage comes notoriety, with notoriety comes clients, with clients come money.

Freelance Writers: How One Special Report Overcame Poverty, Dyslexia and More

The fascinating thing about Ms. Corcoran is that she comes from very humble beginnings and is even dyslexic. She was one of ten children from a working-class Jersey family. Before getting into real estate, she held positions as a waitress, a telephone operator, and a flower delivery girl.

The power of this one report catapulted her career into the stratosphere. To this day, The Corcoran Report is the gold standard for researching information on real estate markets in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Hamptons and South Florida.

Freelance Writers: How to Decide What to Write about in a Special Report

The first thing you need to do is consider your niche. What questions do you get asked the most? What information do you think your clients will find most valuable? This is the basis for your special report.

A special report should answer some burning questions for a defined niche. If you’re a travel writer, for example, you could write a special report on how to hire a travel writer and give it to potential clients for free.

In it, you could cover such topics as what to pay newbies versus experienced writers, which types of travel stories increase traffic, how to ensure that travel writers use SEO tactics in each piece submitted, etc.

The bottom line is, an industry report can have clients looking for you, instead of the other way around.

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