As you embark on your freelance writing career, you may wonder how you’ll find gigs as a newbie freelance writer. Well there are a number of resources available. Here are three broad approaches to finding freelance writing opportunities:

Bidding Sites & Content Broker Websites

As you research how to develop your freelance writing career, you might come across the term, “content mills.” There are some individuals who have started their freelance writing career on sites like ODesk or Elance, but from what I’ve learned and experienced, this is rare.

If you choose this option, keep in mind that work on these sites is best done on a temporary basis. Many of the people who win bids on these sites offer low rates that would not produce a livable wage in the United States.

There are alternatives to bidding sites, content broker sites, like, TextBroker, WordAgents, and Scribe are a few options. Assignments on these websites typically range between one to five cents per word. But each company has a different writing and compensation system in place, so if you were interested in going this route, you would have to inquire further by visiting each website.

Guest Posting & Commenting

A long-term approach to building your freelance writing career is to guest post and commenting on others’ blogs. As you engage on others’ blogs, you can simultaneously build your own blog, and then present your writing skills to potential clients that way.

This option also positions you to become a familiar face and online voice to fellow freelance writers. These writers may refer you for freelance positions for which they don’t have the time to pursue.

Freelance Writing Job Boards

Many job boards exist for freelance writers. Some update more frequently than others and there might be overlap across websites, but you can find promising positions out there.

If you conduct a search online, you’ll find that more experienced bloggers have compiled lists of moderate to high-paying gigs for newbies to download. Access to these lists might require email subscriptions but the gig lists are written by veteran freelance writers whose email lists you might want to be subscribed to anyway.

Traditional Online Job Boards

With the right keyword combinations, you can find freelance writing positions on traditional online job boards, like, FlexJobs, Career Builder, and LinkedIn. Many companies, both online and offline, seek freelance writers for their web content, sales materials, and other writing needs.

If you’re new to freelance writing, any of these options present you with promising opportunities to get your career off the ground.

Source by Annette F Brown