Freelance writing is not a get rich quick scheme. It requires goals, determination and skill, but all of these can be learned. In order to let you know that you can certainly earn a great income from freelance writing, we should first address the common myths that you have probably heard of.

MYTH 1 – It’s impossible to earn any money via the internet or by working from home

Many people may think that it’s impossible to earn any money via the internet or from home, much less by becoming a freelance writer. However there are now thousands of freelance writers that have broken out of the “day job” office routine and work from home.

MYTH 2 – You can earn some money but not enough to quit your job

There are other people who imagine that while people can earn some money via freelance writing, it will never be enough to quit their day job. In fact, historically freelance writers have had the reputation of the “starving artist” but with the rise of the internet, this has changed. Of course, there are some people who don’t earn enough to quit their day jobs, but that comes down to how they market their services. This is something that is critical to the success of any freelance writer

MYTH 3 – You can’t get wealthy by being a freelance writer

Here is another myth that was circulated by people ignorant of the facts about modern freelance writing. You see, there are many freelance writers that earn well over $100,000 per year, and upwards of $500,000. In case, you think these numbers are exaggerated, I would point you to or other work for hire websites, where the earnings of freelance writers are displayed.

MYTH 4 – A freelance writers income is capped as they’re paid by the hour

This is a more accurate myth, but it’s still wrong. One of the big lessons is how to position yourself as a consultant, instead of just another writer. Look, ordinary writers are paid by the hour, and not paid very much. Consultants can demand (and get) very high hourly fees but they can also set a “project fee”. This means that you can earn far more money, and people will be happy to pay.

MYTH 5 – My writing skills are average, so no one will hire me

This is something that stops many people from starting out as freelanced writer. If you are going to be an academic writer, then this is a valid concern, but otherwise it’s not. Academic writers don’t earn very much money so you should avoid that line of work anyway.

Look, there are many kinds of writing opportunities open to you, and nearly all of them want standard, everyday English. Why? Because most people read at an average (high school) level.


Alan Creffield

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