Write a book and give it away?

Are you kidding?

What kind of moron would waste all the time writing a book and then give it away?


Because I can tell you why!

The best way to market your writing skill is to write a book and give it away. It really is, and I’m going to tell you why.

First the Book –

You’ve got a good idea who will buy what you write so write your book for them. Detail their problem in your book, and then offer up a selection of high-impact, quality, solutions that will work in their situation, every single time. You want to pigeon hole your marketing in this one written, and published, book. Write about what keeps your market awake at night, and then show them how they can sleep soundly by hiring you to write their most valuable copy, solve their problems, and answer all their questions.

Write the book and publish it will a stellar amazing cover.

Now the Marketing –

You already know you’re going to GIVE your Book AWAY. That’s your marketing ploy. You give it away. You give the book to those prime, targeted, buyers, who need what you offer, because it tells them why they need you.

Be confident. Be bold. Tell them they need you and why. Then give them the book. You can do this via mail, in person – at a speaking engagement – or on your website, where they can either download your eBook, or receive your book in the mail via a little bubble pack.

Whether they read your book or not, they’re going to be impressed right out of their white sport socks that you have a book published about their problem.

Now the Freelance Writing –

Couple of important things here, because you just proved you’re an expert and laid it out in black and white – published – print, telling them all the reasons why they should hire you. Maybe even bullet pointed and referenced? How about that for a rock solid platform?

1 – You now have the ability to charge a premium price for your freelance writing services, because you’re the expert and you can prove it because you’re published in Amazon. Yeah, some will think that’s a sticky matter, but you know the reality.

2 – You have a bigger audience, because besides the people you give your book to, as a FREE gift, you’ll have a huge number of people who buy your book, and they’ll be able to contact you for your services as well, since you’ll be available online.

Source by Jan Verhoeff