Mothers who work from home are increasing in number. There are a number of reasons for this. First of all, many people are now finding it difficult to find a regular job. Also, the internet now makes it possible to be a freelancer and work from home. Because of this growing trend, there are now websites where moms with home-based jobs can share ideas and relate with one another.

One of the websites that cater to a community of work-at-home moms is called This Freelance Mom review aims to discover what the website is all about and find out how it helps working moms.

If you check out the Freelance Mom website, it would appear that its primary goal is to provide tips and advice to moms who do freelance work from home. A section is available for moms to connect and communicate with each other. There are also articles and blogs written by the site founder and other contributors. Some of the articles deal with finding an online job and making sure that you get paid.

It would appear that the website provides useful information for freelancing mothers. It is also possible that moms can use the site to look for a job. In fact, there are tabs on the opening page that advertise jobs for freelancers. However, it seems that Freelance Mom has no connections with these job offers. The website clearly states that the job offers are not from Freelance Mom, and advises members to research the jobs being offered.

Freelance Mom does not appear to be a scam. It seems that the site lives up to its goal of providing a safe community for work-at-home moms to have discussions related to jobs and business opportunities. It also seems that members can get hold of free articles and blogs to help promote their own business opportunities.

When exploring the site further, it becomes apparent that they also offer website hosting at $6.99 per month. This provides 15 mbs and 10 domain emails. If you wish, they can set up your website for a one-time fee of $45.

It is likely that makes money mostly from ads that are scattered here and there throughout the website. They do not seem to charge anything for members or visitors to access the information, articles and blogs on the site.

This site seemingly is a resource for mothers who do freelance work at home or have home-based businesses. also appears to provide forums for mothers to discuss their work and share tips and information on freelance work.

Source by Calven O’Reiley