Great writing jobs for freelancers are everywhere. Millions of businesses around the globe have discovered the cost-savings and other benefits of the Internet, and they need words.

You can make more money as a freelance writer than you can at most day jobs. It’s vital to be serious about your efforts however. By “serious”, I mean that you treat writing with as much respect as you do your day job. If you work diligently, you’ll make more money than you think possible right now.

Big tip: kill your ego. Many writers (new and established) expect the world to come knocking because they have “talent.” Forget about talent. Focus on your writing and clients. That’s the start of professionalism — and a great income.

Here are my top five tips.

1. Commit to Freelancing: Getting Writing Jobs Is Your Job

If you’re just starting out, and before you have a waiting list of clients, your sole job is to get clients.

You’re just like any other business person, so pay attention to how business people get clients. Here’s an excellent example, which arrived at my own front door.

One day, just after lunch, I was on my way to attend a couple of client meetings. The doorbell rang, and a tradesman handed me a DVD. He said: “We’ve just restored the roof on Number 10 across the road. When you get a chance, watch the DVD. Give me a call if you’d like a quote.”

The entire interaction took a couple of minutes. In that couple of minutes, the roofer made several thousand dollars. From me. I handed him my credit card a couple of weeks later. I wasn’t thinking about the roof, nor was I thinking about spending money on it. The DVD sold me.

Treat getting writing jobs seriously. That DVD showed me the benefits of a roof restoration. Create your own presentations to show your clients why they need you.

2. Avoid Scammers: Ask for a Deposit

Happy days, you’ve got a client. Now, get a deposit of 50% of your full fee. This solves a million problems.

3. Everything You Do Is Cumulative: Remember the Numbers

Out of every 100 contacts you make, you can expect to get between five and ten writing jobs. If you’re not getting those numbers, there’s something wrong with what you’re offering. Get advice.

Those numbers hold true, no matter what you’re selling.

The more contacts you make, the better. Remember — getting writing jobs is your job. I read the autobiography of Mary Kay Ash, the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics. In her first few years, she stayed in her office long after her staff had left for the day, making more contacts.

Writing is a business. The amount of business you do is up to you. Pick up the phone, send an email message, or write an advertisement. Everything you do counts.

4. Advertise and Hunt Jobs on Craigslist: It’s Free

Craigslist is free. Not only can you find jobs there, you can advertise there, too. You don’t need to spend money on advertising.

5. Create a Free Website, and Post Samples of Your Writing

Sending a prospective client to your website is much easier than spending an hour on the phone telling him what you can do. Your website is your “show and tell” opportunity. Use it. You’ll find many free website creation tools online.

Making money from your words is easier than it’s ever been. Just as my roofing tradesman did, you can make thousand of dollars in a couple of minutes. Get started, and do it.

Source by Angela Booth