There are a number of sites to consider in this regard. Some cater to all and some seem to be focused more towards specific talents. Most freelancer sites are focused in the information technology, programming, design and multimedia, graphic design, writing, transcribing and translation, sales and marketing support and administrative support.

This site is considered one of the best freelancer sites in existence, simply because of the huge number of jobs posted every month: over 90,000.


  • 1.8 million contractors, attracts a lot of businesses looking to hire at a competitive rate.
  • Broad range of jobs, IT to writing to administrative support.
  • 4 types of membership, including a free option.
  • User interface is probably one of the easiest to use.
  • Payment and escrow is all done on the site, no third-party sites.
  • Easy to start a portfolio with free testing.


  • Competition is high with bidding wars driving down pricing.
  • Site takes up to an 8.75% commission.
  • Free membership limits how many proposal bids you can make a month, so if this is going to be full time you need to pay for a membership.

Overall Elance is a great place to get started. You can then transfer your cheaper rates with a great portfolio into other sites or local businesses to get better rates of pay.

This site is one of the oldest and largest freelancer sites around, if only they could fix up their user interface to be more user friendly.


  • Easy to setup a free account with 3 other paid options.
  • One of the largest contractor/freelancer bases.
  • One of the oldest sites with established reputation.
  • Great selection of payment options.
  • Broad selection of jobs to bid on.


  • Slow customer service.
  • User interface is unintuitive and difficult to use.
  • High competition for jobs, drives pricing down. is another great place to find consistent work, even if it is at a rate lower than you are used to.

These three sites being the largest in online freelancing provide a great starting point, and oDesk is no different.


  • Completely free registration and account.
  • Free tests to prove skills.
  • Hourly tracking for work.
  • Escrow and payment process is well designed and quick.
  • Large database of businesses and jobs.


  • A great portfolio is a must to be hired.
  • Competition forces instability in jobs you may get hired for.
  • Larger focus on IT than other jobs.
  • More corporate based than individual.

If you have an established portfolio and a wide range of skills oDesk will be a great place to earn extra money from home.

Overall, these are only three of many freelancer sites. In order to make money on freelancer sites, you need to develop a good portfolio showing your skills, take tests where available to prove your skills, verify your name, location and payment information, and for the first few jobs bid lower than the average bids. Do not bid under bid by being the lowest bidder, as most contractors will simply drop the lowest bid for fear of a scam. Start making money from home today by using this make money on freelancer sites guide.

Source by Jamie Clay