Are you planning on hiring a freelancer? Here are four things that you should do in order to hire the right expert:

Hire the best

For you to get high quality results you should hire the best provider in the field. The unfortunate thing is that the best providers usually charge very high fees which can see you spending a lot of money.

The easiest way of finding the best expert is by undertaking an interview. You should ask the freelancer to give you samples of previous projects and from that you will know if the provider will be able to handle your project.

If you come across a provider who provides you with good quality work at low prices, you shouldn’t dismiss him/her as he/she might be starting out. If the freelancer is good, you should give him/her a chance.

While it’s good to give a chance to a good provider who is cheaper, you shouldn’t hire an extremely cheap provider as he/she will most likely provide you with poor quality work which will ruin your project.

Have a comprehensive job description

A freelancer doesn’t know your expectations; therefore, it’s your responsibility to let him/her know about it. To avoid problems you should clearly set your standards in a language that the freelancer will understand.

For example, if you want the freelancer to create a website for you, you should clearly say the features that you want the website to have.

The best way of going about it is having a comprehensive job description that details your expectations.

Don’t rush things

I’ve been a freelancer for a long time and I’ve come across clients who want things to be done immediately. This not only annoys me, but it also results to me giving substandard work.

If you want quality work, you need to give the freelancer enough time to work on your project. You should remember that the provider may be having other work from other clients; therefore, you should set realistic expectations around project priorities, turnaround time, and responsiveness.

Make payments on time

It’s rare to find excellent freelancers; therefore, when you find one, you should build a business relationship that is based on trust. For the freelancer to continue working for you, you should always make the payments on time.

If you will delay in making payments, always let the freelancer know about it.


These are the tips that you need to put into consideration for you to not only hire the best freelancer, but to also maintain the expert.

Source by Duncan Lancer