Freelance writing is a great profession to select for your creative expression. It expresses your creativity and Independent talent to the world in the form of creative writing, technical writing and business writing online and offline.

Today freelancing covers journalism writing, editing, copywriting, proofreading, computer programming, graphic design and etc.

As a freelance writer you learn lots of ways to be a better writer and an online entrepreneur. Starting from receiving traffic through your search engine optimized articles to making six figures income, you can do all by writing on any topic you choose to.

1. Basically, the format of the article is the same as always

a. An introduction

b. A Body

c. A Conclusion

These three sections can always be expended depending on the topic and length of the article. Lots of categories, like business and art Internet content writing, creative writing, copy writing and blog content writing are some of the avenues to write. Magazines and books and children’s educational and training materials are also included here and a lot more.

2. Deadlines and Punctuality:

This makes a big difference for a freelance writer. To accept the responsibility to submit project to an online magazine or a newsletter or a website has a deadline and the publishers has planned his work strategy accordingly. In case an article writer is not able to make the deadline, it is going to be very hard to present the full project at the right time as planned. So, if you find that you do not have the time, do not accept it upfront. It is much better to deny than taking a bad reputation added to your name that you did not finish the project. This reduces your credibility.

3. Writing the article according to the requirement of the order:

When you are writing for somebody else, you have to custom design the writing project to the requirement of the order. If the requirement is for a 500 hundred word article that is what you have to write. Create a five hundred word project. Not more and not less.

4. Proof read the article.

It is a necessity for completing the process of writing. Take care of the spellings grammar punctuations and format. All should look perfect. Proof reading is a very important part of the project. Do not depend on the auto corrections of the computer, because they do not correct all the imperfections. A professional freelance writer has to make sure that all spellings and Grammar errors have been corrected.

5. Personal Relations and a Solid Reputation:

You not only have to be a professional freelance writer but also, your dealings with people in business net work have to be perfect. So when it comes to grabbing good projects, you have to be a perfect player with the work ethics of your net work and still get the best paid jobs around.

Source by Fran Aslam