Postcards have been around for quite some time now, and almost every employed person out there is guilty of using one. Self-advertisement through promotional postcards has always been an effective means of informing and letting people know about the existence of such business. Plus, it is also a nice way to get more contacts or people involved in the same business industry. Postcards are chosen over business cards since the former are much bigger and can be mailed to potential and interested customers, and can also be displayed on bulletin boards along streets.

A freelance designer is a person who works and designs things such as websites, clothes, band and music artwork, and a lot of other stuff with which art can be incorporated. Freelance designers usually work independent from a specific organization. In fact, they do commissions and work for a lot of different companies. It follows that any person who is self-employed should use the postcard marketing method. And as such, freelance designers are expected to have eye-catching and artistic postcards.

In the case of a freelance designer advertising himself, the postcard has to be a testament of his skills in the visual arts. The postcard design itself should showcase the talent of the designer. The design should be in line with the concepts and skills of the freelance designer, so as to provide a sort of preview of his work to his customers. If the postcard looks attractive and appealing enough, potential customers and clients would be enticed to hire the freelance designer.

To have an assurance that you will be the one hired for a freelance job, here are some useful tips for your very own postcard promotion campaign:

Freelancing is one of the fastest growing and accumulating job opportunities in our present society. In a sea of freelancers with their own type of style and design, you must be able to present your concept as originally as possible. Think outside the box. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it has to be original.

One idea the freelance designer can do is to make a collage of all the artworks or designs he has made so as to literally show the clients a preview of his flexibility as an artist. Thus, customers are presented with a lot of choices.

Potential customers should also have an idea of what type of person they are about to work with. You need not put a full paragraph describing yourself. It is advisable that you create a witty and catchy tagline about yourself which will summarize who you are in general. This is very important because this will create a very big impression about you.

Of course, every person’s postcard has to contain details on how to contact him. Aside from the overall design to attract customers, the contact details and sneak preview of the nature of work should be given on one side of the postcard. Without giving any contact details, how would you expect your potential clients to contact you, right?

It is not required to include your full credentials in the postcard. Just sort out the most important projects you have done so far. However, you should always sound confident about your accomplishment. Make it known to them that you want the job and you can do the job excellently.

Being a freelancer is also a challenging job because your resource has a high chance of being limited. Therefore, you should always be patient in scouting for affordable and reasonable printing companies which will cater to the needs of small businesses like yours.

Lastly and most importantly, just be yourself! The postcard should serve as the representation of who you are as a designer. Do not go for styles that do not fit your personality, but you chose them all the same just because you think that those are the designs that would sell the most.

Whether the postcard is through mail, e-mail, or advertised along the highway, the freelance designer is throwing himself out to both his target market and other potential clients. Postcards help in anyone in any kind of business he is involved in, especially the ones who are self-employed.

Source by Ralph Kreshatik