A good freelancer is a term used to describe people that are professional on a particular freelance job. Most people can write quality articles; ranging from SEO articles, copyrighting, press release, etc, designed good looking website; such as flash website, PHP website, Joomla or Drupal website, etc, code very well or do data entry very well.

A good freelancer is one that does not do bad job for his client and one that deliver on time without delay in delivering the completed job to his client. Also they tend to be serious with their job and do not do any other thing when they are doing their job in other to concentrate fully on the job they are doing. They schedule their time effectively in other not to conflicting duty between different tasks that is to be accomplished.

There is no limit to being a good freelancer because they all have their unique way of carrying out their freelance jobs for their client. For example, some client may want an urgent delivery while others concentrate on quality and allow the freelancer to take his time to complete the job. As a good freelancer, no matter what a client demand is, he should be able to meet up with the demand or simply turn down the offer is it is not his which to do the job in case the demand by the client is too much. But this is rarely the case because they are always ready for the demand of their clients.

Many people claim to be among the list of a good freelancer but as a job giver, you should as for sample of the job they have done in the past or simply request for a test job as this is how you can really determine if they are indeed what they claim to be.

Sources to Get a Good Freelancer

There are several sources to get a good freelancer ranging from freelance site where there is bulk of freelancers looking for job; this is usually source for cheap freelancer.

Another way to get a good freelancer is to go directly to contact the freelancer on there private website. For example most freelance web designer or article writers own their hosted domain where they display their job samples and what they can do; this a good source for quality job as the freelancer will not want to spoil his image compared to those who do job anonymously through freelance sites.

The final source to get a good freelancer is to simply post a comment on forum or blog relating to freelance where most freelancer visit to get help or read articles; leaving your contact details for interested freelancer to contact you.

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Source by Chukwudi Obiekwe