Finding a felon friendly job is impossible to some. So many felons have difficult time finding a good job that they become depressed and angry that no one will give them a chance. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box to secure the best felon friendly jobs available.

Here is one option that you may want to consider: freelance work. The truth is, you don’t need to be employed by anyone to earn a good living. You can do work on a freelance basis and this can help you find felon friendly companies that hire.

For example, most companies do not need a full-time graphic artist on their payroll so whenever they need some art work, they will just hire an artist for a specific task. Basically, if you are a freelance worker or independent contractor, you are hired by many different clients for a specific project or task instead of working for just one employer.

Some examples of freelance jobs for felons are:

• Web Designer

• Graphic Artist

• Writer/Editor

• Translator

• Programmer

• Photographer

• Makeup Artist

• Videographer

• Data Entry

• Freelance/Personal Chef

These are job opportunities for felons. In addition, many other workers such as tattoo artists, personal trainers, massage therapists, electricians, plumbers, masons, carpenters, tailors, etc. are independent contractors who are paid on a freelance basis, too.

Since you are not employed by anyone, no one will do a background check and see the felony unless you have to handle very sensitive data.

For a felony job of a freelancer or independent contractor, you do need to have some skills that other people will pay for. You might have to learn a skill before you can do freelance work but the advantages of freelancing are many:

• You are your own boss.

• Once you are established, you can choose which jobs you want to take.

• Working at home with no daily commute is a dream job for many.

• Most freelancers have a schedule which allows them more free time than they would get if they worked at a regular office job.

These job opportunities for felons like freelance work have a plus that you won’t need to go through 100s of job interviews just to get a job. You can simply start off by offering your services to your family and friends who can offer job opportunities for felons until you have built a good reputation. Then you can get new clients by word of mouth from satisfied former clients and slowly get more and more high-paying jobs for felons.

Source by Michael J. Martin