Many people today are looking for ways to supplement their income. It is no wonder. Widespread company layoffs, rising prices, and dropping stocks have instilled fear and anxiety around the world. There is good news. Freelancing can be a way of taking back some control and increasing our income.

Freelancing is gaining popularity among those who want flexibility, better pay and no commute. It is a viable option for a wide variety of people: stay at home moms, shift workers, seniors, and those looking for a second income.

No matter what work you do now or what your work hours are, you can freelance. A myriad of positions are available and you can choose one area of expertise or twenty – the choice is yours. You can find anything from article writing, website design, graphic artists, marketing, customer service, or administrative duties.

Companies hire freelancers to complete certain projects because at the end of the day, they have saved hundreds of dollars. How? They do not pay an ongoing salary or benefits. They do not have to pay for office space. They do not have to pay overtime. There are many benefits to companies not to have salaried employees.

Freelancers love the fact that they can work from home during the hours that they choose, as long as they get the projects completed on time. This can be early morning, after dinner, or after the kids go to bed. There is no one to look over your shoulder, telling you when you can take a break, or making you work for hours at a time. You make up your own schedule.

So how do you find a freelancing job? The internet is a good place to start. Research jobs that you think you may be interested in and find out which companies are hiring. Review discussion boards and websites. Build your resume and cover letter and send it out, along with samples of your previous work if you have any. You may want to start off with smaller jobs at first, to get a feel for how it will work into your schedule. Once you become more experienced you can take on bigger tasks.

If you are looking for a second income without wanting to take away from your family time, freelancing may be the answer you have been looking for. As with anything, do your research and do not take on any jobs with people or firms you do not feel comfortable with. You might find that you enjoy freelancing so much that you make it your primary income!

Source by Sarah J. Cameron