Technological evolution has reduced the world to a global village. The rate at which information is transmitted from one part of the globe to the other is perhaps what explains why outsourcing and freelancing is now preferred to traditional permanent job placement. The constrained world economy on the other hand mandates firms to find ways and means of reducing the cost of operation so as to maintain some level of profitability. This can only be achieved if some duties and tasks are performed by outsourced employees.

Outsourcing is key to the success of any firm; this is because as a firm grows in size, activities that it must accomplish increases. Relying on your employees to do all this work can be tedious and expensive. Consequently, outsourcing assists you to delegate some duties to a number of competent contractors, a thing that allows you to focus on the core of your business. Outsourcing helps you reduce the costs and increase a firm’s efficiency because the outsourced task is performed by specialists in that field.

Outsourcing is key to operational control because operations whose costs keep on rising can be outsourced. If the outsourced task requires a new skill, it helps your employees acquire the skill as they interact with outsourced contractors. Outsourcing is the route to staff flexibility; it helps you bring in extra staff when it is necessary and retrench them when their services are no longer needed. Most of the outsourced employees are freelancers who will hop to the next opportunity as soon as they are through with your task.

In some businesses consistency and risk management are important. Outsourcing therefore provides a level of continuity and reduces the need of maintaining a standard operational level.

Freelancing on the other hand means being in a position to offer a number of services to firms that are in need of the skills you possess. This is what will eventually enable you make money online based on your interest and knowledge. The opportunities available to freelancers include; performing duties such as programming, developing the web, data entry, web designing, content writing, social media marketing, SEO, bloggers and many more. These jobs are simple and can be performed in the comfort of your house. What one needs to have is a computer and reliable internet connectivity. The jobs are suitable to all cadres of people including housewives, students and even elderly people as long as they possess the skill being looked for.

Source by Tobin O Opondo