If you are lucky enough to have the skills for freelance work you probably already thought of working as a freelancer while conducting your job search and collecting your unemployment benefits.

There are some obvious advantages and disadvantages to freelancing.


1. You are your own boss.

You make the decision what to do, the deadlines, the costs; you choose your own team if you need one and you are responsible for the job to get done.

2. You work from home.

Your travelling expenses, cost of food and clothing are going down significantly.

3. You have flexible working hours.

It’s up to you how many hours per day you are working as long as you are meeting the deadline.

4. You name your salary.

It depends on your skills and working hours, so no need to wait to ask for that raise.


1. You are your own boss.

You have to be responsible and precise, stick to deadlines, chase your own money, and if you make mistakes there is no one else to blame or to ask for help.

2. You work from home.

It’s a very lonely job, and I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re prone to depression. In such mental condition keeping in touch with people is vital.

3. Too much flexibility.

When you are not strict with yourself you tend to procrastinate. Job isn’t done; you miss the deadlines and don’t get paid. You also might want to prolong your self-imposed holidays and miss out on the good clients.

4. There is no stable income.

You have to be very good at what you do and manage few projects at a time, so if one ends you still have income from the other. Yes, I know that in current economy even a normal full-time job is not stable. But freelancing is not for someone who crumbles under pressure. There is a lot of stress and anxiety involved.

5. There is no health insurance.

You have to organise it yourself and it won’t be cheap, unless you move to the country where healthcare is free or at least affordable.

6. You’re on your own with the pension and taxes.

Approximately a quarter of your income will go to the tax men, and you’ll have to organise it yourself. From the rest of the money you will have to put away some percentage for your pension, as nobody else will take care of these things for you.

If you decide to go freelancing while still receiving your unemployment benefits you really need to talk to your local Unemployment Office.

The rules vary from state to state. They depend on the hours and days per week you work and the money you get. You will also have to continue your job search for full-time work and file your claim correctly.

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Source by David Smith Jr