Freelancing is a revolutionary career that offers extraordinary potential to those who master it and learn how to tap into its hidden treasures. To become a successful freelancer, you need three magical words: passion, determination, and persistence. This article reveals the top 5 tips for freelancing excellence. Enjoy!

Tip 1: Know yourself: Acknowledge and celebrate your Strengths

Take sometime to reflect on your true strengths. If uncertain, it is a clever idea to thoroughly examine the available job categories to figure out which of them is in-line with your skills and expertise. Do not fall into the trap of choosing the most high paid category if you know deep down in your heart that it is not what you are meant to do. If you focus on what you like, no matter how cheap or expensive it is, you will eventually excel in it and make good money along the way.

Tip 2: It does not matter how good you are. What matters is how good you are in showing it!

You need to master the art of self-marketing and learn how to write compelling profiles and persuasive bids. An excellent tip here is to read your profile/bid out loud or to a friend to get a clear indication of how effective it is.

Moreover, we strongly recommend that you do some readings about communication and negotiation skills in order to impress potential buyers and maximize your chances of winning projects.

Tip 3: Too much too soon versus slowly but surely

The number of freelancing websites is increasing substantially and you might be tempted to join many of them simultaneously, thinking that doing so would maximize your job-hunting success. Guess what, the opposite is true! Successful freelancers focus on one or two sites at maximum and take their time to explore them and read their user terms carefully.

The same applies to the number of projects you bid on. It is much better to focus on few projects that you read carefully and bid effectively on instead of carelessly skimming through zillion projects and bidding haphazardly!

Tip 4: Work smart not hard

You need to be very clever when choosing your buyer. Beware of buyers who include very vague project descriptions and new buyers without enough feedback. Also, if the buyer requests too much free work or violates the rules of the freelancing site by giving you his email before accepting you for the project, it is a big NO!

Ask yourself: what can I do to be chosen for that project? Offering relevant work samples and asking intelligent questions about the project sends the buyer a clear message that you are professional and expert in your field.

Tip 5: So far so good: Now show me the Money!

Checklist summing up what you should do to guarantee freelancing success:

o Join one or two freelancing sites at maximum and read their terms carefully

o Choose projects you are really passionate about

o Write compelling profiles/bids

o Read project descriptions carefully and ask intelligent questions to impress the buyers

o Start with a law rate until you build a reputation on the site. Then, raise your rate gradually

That’s it! follow these tips and reap all the rewards that freelancing has to offer. Enjoy!

Source by Heba Hosny