Yes, freelancing is rather scary sometimes. You might or might not get a job. If you have a full time day job, consider yourself lucky. However, some of us are being laid off and what do we do? Freelancing started to sound better at this time. At least, we can make use of our talent to make some money.

To be a freelance writer, the best tip is to have a nice portfolio. In the portfolio itself, include your details such as name, age and location. Then moving on to experience, if you have any. Now, most potential customers would want to know what kind of experience you had.

For example, you might have worked on a book writing project (maybe co-author with someone or ghostwriting). Include that along with any other projects you have worked on. If you have any references online that indicates your work (which you can use as part of your portfolio), include them. The more references you have, the better chances of getting a freelance writing job.

Now, the problems starts when you have no experience at all. Still, don’t lose hope as you will be able to find some customers who will give you a chance to work on something. For example, I have started off writing some simple articles from a customer in Australia and it worked out excellent so I get to stay on for some time. Now, I have been working for the same customers for almost a year based on freelancing.

Moving on, to be a freelance writer you need to be sure of what you are interested to write about. Of course, in the beginning it is hard to determine especially if you are new but over time, you will know which niche is more comfortable for you.

I have been writing about games for some time. I find that out of many games, I prefer to talk about Wii rather than Warcraft. However, since I need to work on both at the same time, it is fine with me. I also tend to write better at topics that interest me. Writing is my profession and that is why I love to write about writing itself from all angles.

Ok, next will be having a blog. You have no idea how a blog can bring in business for you. Sometimes, it won’t but it definitely help to expose your services to the world. Remember, you could be working with anyone from anywhere. At least my customers come from all over the world. Only a few of them are based in my own country.

Still having a blog with your own samples (your blog posts would be your best samples) will definitely attract more potential customers. You can put up your services and explain a bit on it. Now, when your blog get some steady traffic, you can even earn some money from your blog. This is the perks of having a blog.

Coming in to the most important part, payment. Make sure you can receive payment through different methods. PayPal would be the best way to receive money internationally but if you are working for someone at home, bank transfer would be the best way. It saves some money and you get the money fast.

With these tips to go through, take some time and come up with your own small freelancing business to help you go through the economy crisis that seems to be never ending. Good luck!

Source by Sarah Lam