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More and more Americans are beginning to take on freelance writing jobs. This is not surprising in a struggling economy where prices for basic necessities are rising quickly and salaries are remaining stagnant. As the freelancing industry grows more and more companies are beginning to see the advantages to hiring freelance writers.

In particular the need to offer benefits to full and part time employees as well as the cost of providing office space, computers and software to these employees makes it worthwhile to consider outsourcing jobs to freelancers.

There are many types of jobs which can be offered to freelancers. Some of the jobs commonly outsourced to freelance include writing, managing websites, designing websites and creating graphics. Individuals who have skills in these areas can begin freelancing to earn extra income.

The following tips will help freelancers writers to minimize stress.

Know How to Break Up a Project into Smaller Pieces

Many freelancing jobs involve multiple tasks. Freelancers who attempt to complete complex projects all at once may find they lose concentration and the quality of the work declines. It is a good idea to look at each project individually and determine which parts can be completed independently. Often working on smaller pieces of a large projects helps to prevent the task from seeming insurmountable.

Set Regular Business Hours

Even freelancers who hold a full time job should be careful to establish hours during which they will complete freelancing jobs. By carving out a few hours each day which will be dedicated to finding and completing assignments the freelancer will help to ensure the additional work is not upsetting the work-life balance too much. The freelancer may be losing out on a few hours normally used for leisure and family time but will not be completely losing these important aspects of life.

Know how to Motivate Yourself

Being successful as a freelance writer involves self discipline and the ability to self motivate. Unlike regular nine to five jobs where you have a supervisor checking up on your periodically freelancers must often provide their own motivation for completing a project. Know your strengths and weaknesses and understand how to motivate yourself to succeed.

Source by Jason Tosh